Vote for public services on the 12th December

12 Labour pledges for public services

1) Real public service pay rises – 5% rise for all public service workers in the first year and real rises after that.

2) Ending and reversing privatisation – local government services brought back in house; an end to the use of subcos, PFI, etc in the NHS; bringing the big energy companies back into the hands of the people, meaning decent terms and conditions and a critical role in greening our economy.

3) Proper funding for public services – including £26bn more for the NHS, a commit ment to reverse the Conservative decade of austerity for local government, and more money for schools.

4) National care service – Labour will introduce a national care service, building on UNISON’s own Ethical Care Charter.

5) A real living wage for all – a rapid rise to a minimum wage of £10 an hour, and tackling low pay so that everyone earns a wage they can live on.

6) Making pay equality a reality – Labour will also extend pay gap reporting to ensure that pay disparities faced by disabled and Black workers are tackled.

7) Scrap and replace Universal Credit – the five-week waiting period, the two child limit and the ‘rape clause’ will all be ditched.

8) Reunifying probation and rebuilding the whole police workforce – Labour will also recruit more police officers, police community support officers and police staff.

9) LGBT+ inclusive education – Funded, mandatory LGBT+ education, so schools can de-liver vital inclusive education.

10) Bringing academies and free schools back under local control – and funding schools properly.

11) Internationalism based on justice and rights – Labour’s commitments reflect our demands for justice, rights and equality globally.

12) Real action on housing – the largest council house building programme in decades, more housing association homes, real action to end the housing crisis – and enhanced rights for private renters.

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